Food for Thought: A Few Words from the Editors

By | August 01, 2017
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One of my favorite summer childhood memories is the experience of cranking out homemade ice cream on the back stoop of my grandparents’ house in the small town where they moved after leaving the farm life. The recipe, scribbled on a tattered notecard, blended cream (which was delivered not more than a day ahead of time) and fresh eggs and was cooked on the old gas stove.

Then came the cranking and churning, the sound of block Ice getting whacked by the side of an ax before being added to the bucket-it was finally time for the ritual of making homemade ice cream. All the cousins took turns churning the handle until our arms grew weary and our patience was at the brink. Why, we wondered out loud, did it take 50 long to freeze ice cream?

Finally, one by one, bowls were filled with the rich, creamy, cold treat, as we anxiously jostled for the right to be first in line. Did it go to the child who cranked the longest? The youngest of the bunch? Or the one with the biggest elbows who forced their way to the front?

Vanilla. Occasionally, with fresh strawberries. No one dared or even cared to ask why it couldn’t be chocolate ice cream. There was only one way to make this family recipe.

Fortunately, palates and minds have been opened beyond the small world of the delightful Southwestern Wisconsin town where I spent many weeks of my summers. In this Issue of Edible Chicago, we bring you refreshing ways to keep cool, Including Chicago pastry Chef Dana Cree’s recipe for Garden Mint Ice Cream.

If your active summer schedule is draining you of your electrolytes, we tum to the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs clubhouse for a way to keep cool in the heat with another frozen treat. This issue is also jam-packed with Ideas about superfoods you can find at your local market or farm stand.

If an escape from the city is on your calendar, check out tips in our Edible Travel piece about “glamping,” with style.

Whatever your summer traditions revolving around fresh, local food may be, we wish you fun, community and a dose of old fashioned tradition.

In the meantime, read on …

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