In Our Spring 2017 Issue

Last Updated May 01, 2017
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A Few Words from Edible Chicago

Know your food, know your farmer, know your alderman. What could these three entities possibly have in common? Many of us city dwellers seek out farm-fresh choices at the markets or in a weekly box from a community-supported agriculture (CSA) harvest subscription program. But there is another concept to incorporate into your food choices: urban agriculture. And your alderman could be a key to the growth of this industry.

In this issue we bring a new discussion to the table: What is going on in your neighborhood and how can it be improved? At the recent Good Food conference sponsored by FamilyFarmed, we moderated a discussion about the current state of urban agriculture in Chicago. It was illuminating. We heard from next-gen farm operators-one employing year-round agriculture In Chicago's Pullman neighborhood to grow vibrant greens and also an Ogle County hydroponic producer supplying plump, juicy tomatoes to city grocery stores in the middle of winter. But these operations would not be possible if it were not for the local food/ agriculture advocacy of people like Billy Burdett, who helped the City of Chicago develop regulations and resources for the blossoming urban agriculture industry. He is spearheading an effort to build a team of grassroots ambassadors who serve as a liaison between Chicago ward leaders and local food advocates to increase opportunities for growing crops and jobs in every neighborhood.

There might even be growing opportunities right in your own backyard. We offer tips to become the master of your mulch, a guide to choosing the right stuff from a celebrity master gardener. As strawberry season comes upon us, we reach back to a classic memory from a pick-your-own patch downstate and tell you about a new U-pick option right here in Chicago.

We often go with our gut when choosing stories and we took it literally in this Issue. Read about kombucha, a bubbling bottle of bacteria in the form of a fermented tea, and its healing properties. Drink up!

Read on ...

bon appétit Presents Chicago Gourmet: A Perfect 10!

wine event
Bon Appétit presents Chicago Gourmet and is celebrating a decade of delicious in 2017. Produced by the Illinois Restaurant Association,...

Mile-High Strawberry Pie

strawberry pie
Strawberry Fields Forever   I remember one June morning when my mom and her friend Gail loaded all of the kids (five of us, ages 11 to 5) into our wood-paneled, blue station wagon and drove...

The Strawberry Infographic

the strawberry infographic
This infographic provides a plethora of fun strawberry facts from teeth whitening to medicinal uses.

5 Tips for Successful Mulching

gardening with mulch
With spring comes yardwork and this year we're going to give you five tips for successful mulching.

Clean Eating Made Easy with Alia Dalal

alia dalal chopping cauliflower
Chef Alia Dalal offers easy meal plans for those who want to eat clean without tons of time in the kitchen.

Roasted Asparagus Salad with Arugula and Hazelnut

You can learn a lot sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck. A farmer friend of mine used to sit me down and teach me about all things asparagus. Chris worked hard—awfully hard—as a farmer. He...

Tuscan Kale Chopped Salad

tuscan kale chopped salad
All Hail to Kale I love raw kale salads, in part because the nutrient- rich greens are so sturdy that the leftovers keep well. It’s great if you pack your lunch for work or need something that...

Smoked Salmon with a Poached Egg

smoked salmon bowl
Creative Collaborating I love the discoveries that come with creative collaborations. Anytime I make eggs, I’m reminded of when I partnered up with my talented friend and fellow blogger Kit...

Vancouver: A Taste of Gastown’s Past With a Side of History

strolling in Vancouver
Gastown, Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood, is full of delicious food stops, such Peckinpah, along with a rich history.

Koval Distillery

Chicago’s Koval Distillery has a remedy for what ails America: a barreled peach brandy, distilled from organic peaches and aged in Koval’s rye barrels.

Fire Pit Pact Cocktail

fire pit pact cocktail
This refreshing cocktail utilizes both gin and peach brandy to create a delicious spring drink.

Know Your Food, Know Your Farmer...Know Your Alderman

advocates for urban agriculture
In an effort to effect change from the ground up, Chicago nonprofit Advocates of Urban Agriculture, is creating an ambitious program of "Ward Ambassadors."

The Health Benefits of Kombucha

drinking kombucha
Kombucha, a fermented tea drink, is a bubbling bacteria probiotic that tastes like diluted vinegar with a hint of fruit juice and offers various gut and health benefits.

Next-Generation Farming Without Turning the Soil

tomatoes on vine
Cutting-edge technology of next-generation farming allows fresh tomatoes to be grown in a hydroponic method year-round. With hydroponics comes many regulations.

Nature Play & Edible Landscapes

nature playground
People incorporate the surrounding landscape and vegetation to bring nature to children's daily outdoor play and learning environments.
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