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Go Glamping and Make it Gourmet

August 01, 2017
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going camping

Get off the ground

You’re under no moral obligation to spend the night on the ground. The best way to make camp feel luxurious is to invest in an air mattress with a built-in pump (use an adapter with your car’s power outlet).

Treat your feet

An indoor-outdoor throw rug or a pair of slippers will make you forget your floor is dirt.

Bring comfort touches from home

Wake up to bird songs and big sky views in your own sheets, on your own pillow, under a cozy alpaca throw.

Keep it clean

Use a small whiskbroom to sweep out the tent and keep things tidy.

Create mood lighting

When you’re ready to hang out in the tent for the evening, there’s no need to blind each other with headlamps. To brighten die entire tent, fill a 1-gallon water jug, then strap a headlamp around it to create a softer interior light, or pick up a Moroccan-style lantern at an import store and light it with a safe, battery-powered LED votive (real candles not recommended).

Set a beautiful table

Want to make even the simplest camp meal feel three-star? Set the table with a cheery tablecloth, some matching enamel-ware dishes, mugs and a coffee pot, and cloth bandanas for napkins.

Get ready for compliments from your camping neighbors.

hotdogs from the campfire
fishing while camping

Packing Your Food For The Great Outdoors:

The Cooler

Your goal: food that stays cold, organized, dry and un-squished, with no massive ice melt by day three. And don’t forget to bring two coolers-one for food and one for drinks is ideal—if you have the space.

Keep Everything Cold

Make ice blocks. (They last way longer than cubes.) At least 24 hours ahead, stash two to three large (8 by 10 inches) freezable ice packs in the freezer (or make your own by filling empty half-gallon milk containers with water, reserving space at the top for expansion-then freeze).

Pre-chill food and drinks. This helps ice stay cold. Freeze meat in marinades and pack seafood frozen. They’ll act like extra ice in the cooler and keep longer.

Pack Like a Bag Boy/Girl

Put fragile stuff on top. Think eggs, lettuce and herbs. Stash loose items in a plastic tote. This is the spot for yogurts, bags of meats and cheeses and anything you don’t want to lose in the ice. Seal the tote with a lid. Put ice blocks on the bottom of the cooler. Other heavy items, like meat frozen in marinade and boxes of cut-up fruit, go at the bottom too. Fill in empty spaces. Dump ice cubes into the cooler to fill in spaces between items.

Conserve Space

Remove excess packaging. Cut an egg carton in half if you need only six eggs. Seal bacon in a plastic bag but leave any cardboard behind. Stash a single cube of butter in a small container if that will be enough, fill an empty spice jar with ketchup so you don’t bring die whole bottle. You get the idea.

Keep Food Organized and Dry

Seal meats, cheeses and eggs in plastic bags. Food will stay dry and even when ice starts to melt a bit. (But be sure these and all highly perishable foods, like mayonnaise, stay very cold.)

Label everything. Containers marked with a masking tape and a felt-tip pen mean your camping buddies can help themselves while you’re out exploring.

Keep the Cooler in the Shade

The ice will last twice as long if you set coolers in the shade once you’re at the campground.

Don’t Forget to Pack the Kitchen Gear

Assemble a camping box with utensils, matches, a small cutting board and other necessities. Pack all of the kitchen gear in one or two large bins and pantry staples in a smaller one, so everything is handy when you cook

Decant large bottles of liquids such as olive oil into smaller containers in portions you’ll use on the trip.

Don’t forget salt, pepper and a few favorite spices.

Heavy-duty foil for cooking and plastic bags or containers for leftovers and lunches are also useful.

Use kitchen towels to cushion pots, cast-iron skillet and any jars; they’ll also come in handy for cleanup.

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